We’ve revealed which mobile phones the Royal Family have

The answers may surprise you …

As a people, we are prying. Unable to help, our thoughts just wander and as much as we try not to engage in all the celebrity gossip, sometimes the curiosity just overwhelms us.

With the Jubilee Platinum at the door, we began to imagine what the mobile world for royals would look like. technology

We can not imagine the Queen sitting on the throne and scrolling aimlessly through TikTok, but she must need a mobile to keep in touch with everyone.

So that made us wonder. Does the Queen use Android or iPhone? What mobile phone does the elegant Kate Middleton have? Does the royal family have group chat on family WhatsApp? And if so, was Prince Harry kicked out of it?

We decided to dig a little deeper and discover everything there is to know about the technology that the royal family uses.

Mobile suitable for a queen.

Like we said, we do not imagine the Queen uses her mobile in the same way we do. However, we can confirm that she does have one.

This is a win for Android fans, as rumor has it, the Queen is using a Samsung mobile. Of course, this is not your standard Samsung egg.

According to a royal commentator, the Queen’s mobile was equipped with encryption against hackers, by MI6 themselves. This is what you call a secure mobile.

What interested us is that the Queen probably only answers her cell phone to two numbers.

Now, you would expect it to be her sons, but oddly enough, none of the numbers belong to them. And you thought your mother avoided your conversations …

However, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry were photographed holding iPhones.

While it is not acceptable to scroll through their mobiles in public, sometimes we get a little peek.

And one fan, with a clearer vision than us, clearly identified a number of emojis used in Kate Middleton’s iPhone.

One of them included a woman bowing, a vomiting face and a red face. You can use your imagination for what conversation it was.

What we do know is that Prince William was also identified via an iPhone, so perhaps he is the recipient of this strange emoji.

The royal family appears in a number of public appearances, and although celebrities are a strange way to treat them, they are.

It is not shocking to think that many fans try to take selfies with them when the opportunity arises.

During a visit to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Prince Harry reportedly rejected Selfie’s request on the grounds that he hated them.

However, many royal fans have reported that taking selfies at royal events was really frowned upon and in some cases forbidden.

This is because it is perceived as disrespectful to turn your back on the royal family and the queen. And that is completely understandable.

Celebrate the Jubilee in style.

While you are not allowed to take selfies with the royal family, you can get some corks while you celebrate the Jubilee.

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