How Agencies Are Struggling with Data Analysis Demands

In the world of big data, there is often a feeling that it is difficult to know where to start when trying to understand what is relevant to what the company needs. There is often a sense that everything is important, but this is never the case. What seems to be the case is that paralysis of analysis is the direction we are all going, and it is also the destruction of our existence. The truth is that what a company needs is actionable data: the separation between which truth-telling data about a situation and which is unnecessary.

Today, as we can see, there is a huge market for data tools and analytics. This space of New data tools grew by more than 25% in 2020 alone, Up to 1,258 different known options. This has made it a daunting task for agencies or business owners to choose which tool or tools they need to organize data efficiently, which is reasonable given the number of options. Determining which tools to use and when to use them has become a serious challenge.

What helps to separate the options vis-à-vis an agency or business owner is the way the data and analysis tools deal with the data presented to them. Just because there is more data access does not mean that everything is important or relevant. Combining the right tools with the right ways to apply them for actionable insights is the hardest part.

In the past, the strategy was to measure everything possible, then try and figure out a huge mountain of unlimited data combinations. This task is cumbersome, very inefficient and delays operation.

The key is that it is not about how much data you can collect, but about knowing what data is relevant and what to do with it.

Fortunately, Mobile1st is ahead of the data analysis curve. Together, our team has over 20 years of experience in digital analytics. We have seen most of the problems and very quick to achieve Insights are actionable That can move the needle.

Some agencies are quick to recommend new tools because they sound like key solutions to a customer’s problem. However, it is often more expensive than it is helpful. A data platform is never as easy to implement as “Set it up and forget about it.”

Mobile1st lives by a different ethos: Take advantage of the tools you have until you need more. Platform does not solve any problem; It’s just a tool. Smart data analysts know how to solve problems.

The next issue for some agencies and business owners is that data scientists are expensive. Mid-level data scientists have a Median salary of about $ 130,000, And a business may not need one full-time. In some cases, the organization may have a full team of data scientists, but there is always an argument about looking at what matters. An ad hoc approach to a highly experienced data scientist through an agency can help shorten the path to finding those Eureka moments that can drive business. It is important to note how important it is to know what information is relevant. as Indicates Emarketer, “54% of respondents said One of the main barriers that prevented them from making better use of customer data was insufficient data analysis capabilities. “

For example, if you found yourself (or a customer) continue to focus on metrics like:

● Exit page from the landing page
● Time on site
● Page views per session

So you probably do not focus on what really matters to your business. These are leading examples of “good feeling indices”. These metrics can go up and down, and it is easy to draw wrong conclusions about why this happened. They are rarely matched to the bottom line and can be maneuvered artificially to make the number look better.

This is where a great data scientist comes into the picture because they identify that key behaviors on the site should be measured (which usually are not), then set up reporting to understand the site’s behaviors. This analysis is difficult for agencies that enter into a client’s analysis plan and need to understand the historical data, identify problems and present solutions very quickly.

Luckily for Mobile1st, we already have this team of rock stars for data analysis, so we are not lost in the fight. We carry cargo and help customers get more “a-ha!” Moments.

Mobile1st is a leader in marketing technology and website optimization solutions. More prioritizing and executing industry-leading CRO methods, we do what makes money; Optimization of our client’s digital trading product towards consistent financial growth and ROI. Everything has been achieved through excellence in Lean UX, analytics, research, experimentation and development.
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