Best Dyson Cordless Vacuum: Which One Should You Buy?

The V11 Absolute is still a powerful cordless cleaner. It has excellent suction and some great features. Its LCD screen shows how long you can pump your current settings with remaining battery life and displays troubleshooting graphics in case something goes wrong.

The V11 has a maximum battery life of 60 minutes, which the screen should help you maximize. Charging the battery takes 4.5 hours but newer V11 models have the option of a replaceable battery, which will allow you to double your cleaning time.

Choose the Absolute over the Beast and you’ll also get the Torque head, which automatically detects the surface it’s cleaning and adjusts the suction accordingly.

In fact, the only problem with the V11 is its price, which has remained remarkably stable since its launch. It can still cost around £600 / $600, which isn’t significantly less than the much newer, tech-packed V15 Detect. But it’s lighter than newer flagships, and that’s a good reason to get one.

Buy it if: You want a great cordless cleaner and you found a great deal on it.


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