5 Strategies Brands Haven’t Tapped Yet for Holiday 2018

Although Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are behind us, holiday spending is far from over. In fact, the National Retail Federation is expecting retail sales for the holidays in November and December will rise 4.3 to 4.8 percent during 2017, totaling $ 717.45 billion to $ 720.89 billion. This means that there is still time and money left on the table for brands to reach interested and motivated buyers, especially at the lower end of the marketing funnel.

According to Brett Zucker, CMO b Monotype– A company that empowers the 2000 leading brands in the world with design, technology and expertise – Sense-based marketing (i.e., addressing the senses of consumers) is the best way to maximize returns during this period of large and influential volume per year. That is, there are five key strategies that markets need to consider if they want to maximize returns by December 25th and beyond.

  • General senses
    • Experiential gifts win– From ax throwing to aerial yoga, shoppers this year, especially millennials and GenZ, are increasingly choosing gift experiences instead of material items. The trend makes sense since recent research by university researchers finds that experiential purchases tend to provide more lasting happiness. Brands in hospitality and travel, have a natural connection to “selling” experiences to consumers. For marketers outside of these channels, think about how you can Made Your products experience; It may be as simple as a small correction in messages. For example, you are not just selling a festive and fragrant candle. You sell nostalgia, a feeling of warmth or coziness.
  • Mirror:
    • Go for authenticityGone are the days of stock photos. Forget the staged photo, which may seem cold or unrelated, in favor of real photos of real people. If, in contrast CVS, You have no $$ to drop on a refreshing package with pristine images, consider other ways, like UGC or influential content. Both are solid alternatives that not only evoke loyalty, but they will make your brand feel more accessible and authentic. Bonus: UGC reports show it actually has the power to stimulate purchasing decisions (70% actually).
    • Know when and how to style your brand-Every brand has a complex visual identity, from the fonts it uses, to the color of the logo or packaging. Do not ignore these small details that can have a big impact.
  • audible:
    • Optimize SEO for shopping with smart speakers22% of Xers generation and 17% of millennials Plan to use a virtual assistant for shopping this holiday season. If your customers are starting their shopping campaign with a smart speaker, you may want to refine your content marketing to prioritize long-tail keywords that are more conversations, or “code snippets displayed” that appear higher in search results. In any case, optimal SEO is the name of the game.
    • Consider collected playlists that match your brand—How can you make your online shopping experience unique, if already convenient? Maybe this is a stylish Spotify playlist that shoppers can tune to while browsing. Not just a festive and personal touch, but it can simply put shoppers in the right holiday spirit to convert – not abandon – their cart.
  • to touch:
    • Do not neglect experiences in the store“We hear a lot about the retail apocalypse or the death of whites, but that’s far from the case. In fact, statistics show that physical stores still play a critical role in the winding shoppers’ journey. Want to make their in-store experience more memorable? Consider the power of in-store demonstrations Consumers can discover and research your product with their own hands.It has proven to be especially powerful for people like beauty mammals and veteran brands that strive for experientiality.


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